About Us

Wycked Creations is a husband wife team, Derek and Terri, located in beautiful New Brunswick, Canada.

Derek was a CAD/CAM programmer and quality control manager in Canada's manufacturing capital until we moved to New Brunswick in 2009 to start our homestead. After a number of years away from it, Derek has returned to his roots in woodworking. He has worked with wood all of his life and finds a lot of satisfaction in building something beautiful and strong from materials harvested, milled, and built with his own hands. Derek heads the production department and is responsible for all CAD design and machining.

Terri is a retired CPA turned artist. She has always been creative but did not start to explore it until a few years ago. After leaving the business world she started experimenting with different artistic mediums moving from canvas and paint to digital design and wood finishing. Now Terri does the artistic 2D and 3D design for the laser cutter/engraver and CNC router, and applies all finishes to the products Derek builds.

As much as possible, the wood we use has been selectively harvested from, and carefully milled and dried on our rural property. With more than 300 acres of forest at our disposal, and our own sawmill, we can choose the right trees, at the right time, and not harm the ecosystem the trees were taken from. Clear cutting is strictly against our values and is not practised on our land.

We started Wycked Creations because we love working with wood and need a creative outlet. We make what we do because we don't want to offer the same products, using the same designs, as 100 other places you'll find online and even in stores. We don't buy low quality, mass produced imported products and we don't produce that junk either. We build the way we like to buy...with quality and longevity in mind.